005C As a calf 5 Weeks old 

This is a bull we feel will replace his sire. He has super performance with a 68 lb. birth weight. His calves are just awesome great pigment dark and thick. Stock Broker 005C has had 50 calves born to him with a BW Ratio of 97, Weening Ratio of 105, and yearling ratio on those calves of 102. A Great heifer bull with a CE number and BW number in the top 1% of the breed. With a Sustained Cow Fertility number in the top 1% of the breed his daughters will last for years and produce extra pounds. Stock Broker has spectacular carcuss numbers his bull calves have ratios on REA of 107% and marbling ratios of 125%. Stock broker excels in  making producer’s extra money with numbers in the top 5% of the breed in all of the indexes.



  • This is a special bull ,Excellent Ratios

  • A bull we showed at the Eastern Idaho State fair and took Second in Class At the Western Nugget in Reno

  • A heifer bull

  • We own this exciting young sire with Jensen Bro of  Courtland Kansas 

  • BW 79 lbs WW 127 YR 118 REA 119 IMF 154

 Semen $25 A Straw Commercial Semen Available $18 A  straw Contact either      Elkingtons Or

Jensen Bro of Courtland kansas 


Semen $25 A Straw Commercial Semen Available $18 A  straw 

This is the longest bull with the best depth of body we have ever seen. His calves are born light with great vigor and grow like crazy. His Calves average 82lbs at birth on 100 calves we love how long and thick his calves are, he throws awesome power. His daughters’ milk like crazy with good uptight udders and little teats. Economic traits are all in the top of the breed he is special


Semen $20 A Straw Commercial Semen Available $10 a straw 

This is a special bull. All of his calves are thick, moderate and good. He continues to perform on 100 calves. He ratios 96 at birth, 103.3 at weaning and 103 at yearling. We feel this bull has it all. We have never pulled a calf sired by him and they perform super.He Has 8 Taits in the top 1% of the breed 

KJ BJ 473T REVENGE 064W {DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43022676) 

Semen $20 A Straw Commercial Semen Available $12 A  straw 

• There are so many good things we could say about this bull. His dam is a full sister to the Redeem bull. We brought this bull in to give us a larger genetic base and he is doing wonderful things for our program. This bull is in the top 1% of the breed for YW, WW, REA and CHB$; in the top 10% for M&G, SC and BMI$. His calves are born with lots of vigor and grow very fast.  We own this bull with Kevin and Sheila Jensen of Kansas.


Semen $20 A Straw Commercial Semen Available $12

• BW 60 lb. • An AI sire on some of the bulls in this sale. We sold him to Elk Meadows Ranch in Montana and they are pleased with his calves. The bulls out of him are dark, thick and all of them are easy calving bulls. • For semen, contact Elkington Polled Herefords.


No Semen Available from Elkingtons on Stock Broker  We encourage you to look at 005C and 020C 

 444Z was the high priced bull in the 2014 Bull sale. We bred him to the heifers to improve pigment and thickness. He is owned with CML Herefords, Schlosser Herefords and Rausch Herefords. 444Z is part of the Simplot trials for spring of 2014. he stacked up very well. Use him to improve pigment and calving ease. Ratios 97 Head BW 97 WR 102 YR 102 hes a calving easy specialist 

  • BW 67 lbs 

  • Birth Date 2/24/2016

  • A great son of Sure Bet. He is put together extremely well.

  •  We love his first calves.

  • We got 15 calves out of him the average weight at birth, 67 lb.,

  • We never touched a calf and they had great vigor.

  • He is a heifer specialist and is the service sire on our heifers 

  • His calves are long and smooth with a tremendous amount of depth and width 

Semen $20 A Straw

Commercial Semen Available $12 A  straw 


This is a bull we purchased from DELANEY HEREFORDS INC .  He has 220 progeny his daughters are awesome and live for a long time producing calves JDH ISAACS 075 62 is in the top 1% of all hereford siree for Sustained Cow Fertility ( hi daughters will live longer making the producer money) he is also in the top 1% for all the dollar indexes 

We have an aboundance of Semen on him and are offering it at a great sale price 

Semen $12 A Straw Commercial Semen 

 Available $6 A  straw 

Contact Elkington Polled Herefords & South Devons for more information  

Keith Elkington .208-523-2286 Cell 208-521-1774

Brent Elkington .208-523-6461

Layne Elkington 208-681-0765 

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