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More Information on our Females coming soon!


 In the meantime, check out some of our bred heifers that will be in this years sale! 



A matron of our herd 547M Produced a herd bull at 15 years old this is an example of a deep bodied and thick with a good hip and excelent feet and legs. Picture taken on the day she calved at 14 years old 

EPHR PERFECT 292Y (P43201195) 


This cow is a good example of a cow in our herd she is deep and smooth with a perfect udder. we expect her to do great things 


This cow was a great cow of her 11 calves 4 were used as herd sires in the is and Canada EPHR SUNNYSIDE 828W {DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43006401) is at Cut Bank Cattle in Alberta Canada  and the EPHR KNOCKOUT 127X {DLF,HYF,IEF} (P43099027) 

Is at Phil Allen and Sons in Utah she had a perfect udder and wonerfull calves pic taken at 12 Years of Age  

2019 Bred Heifers in Sale 

These heifers have been culled at weaning, yearling and breeding time. This is as good a set of heifers as we have ever sold. They all are of the caliber we strive to produce. They should produce good calves for their new owners for many years to come. They have never been pushed in their lives just foraged developed, no silage and very little grain, oats. They were raised on the open range, not irrigated pasture. They will continue to grow for several years. They were vaccinated with Breedback 10 last spring before breeding. They have had one dose of Guardian to prevent scours in their calves. They will need one more before calving. They were bred AI to EPHR Elker Broker 444Z 005C, EPHR SURE BET 202D, KJ BJ 482Y LEADER 958E (the Leader son we purchased from Jensen Brothers in there sale last spring) or KJ 482Y LEADER 873E ET (the high seling bull in Jensen’s spring bull sale). They were then pasture exposed to EPHR SURE BET 202D, pregnancy checked safe and are guaranteed safe in calf.


Heading 1

A great example of a Stockbroker Daughter She will be a great cow 


Great Young stock broker daughter 


Long and smooth * Super classy * Pipers heifer out of her best cow * BW 60lbs Ratios WR 105 YR 114   AI bred to EPHR SURE BET 202D ON 5/23/18 Then pasture exposed to 202D from 6/1/2018 to 6/15/2018 


BIG LONG AND smooth a googled-eyed and fancy heifer. BW 71 lbs. Ratios WR 100 YR 107  AI bred to KJ BJ 482Y LEADER 958E on 5/23/18 Then pasture exposed to  EPHR SURE BET  202D from 6/1/2018 to 9/15/2018 



*Moderate and styalish with goggled-eyes and depth*Will make a great cow for years to come . BW 68lbs Ratios WR 91 YR 95   pasture exposed to EPHR SURE BET  202D from 6/1/2018 to 9/15/2018 

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