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Elkington Polled Herefords and South Devons

Elkington Polled Herefords

44th  annual Range Raised Cattle Sale

Friday February 2cnd   2024 at 12:30pm MT time

Elkington polled Herefords and South Devon’s Presents the 44RD Annual Efficiency Experts Ranged Raised Cattle Sale Friday Feb 2rd    2024 at the ranch 7 miles east of Idaho Falls on Sunnyside rd.

Elkington Polled Herefords is the source for polled outcross genetics unique pedigrees throughout the entire offering 115 Bulls, Sound, easy keeping, range raised, coming

two-year-old bulls born in March and April





90 Coming two year old Hereford bulls


25 Coming two yearold South Devon Bulls Red and black


30 bred heifers


1 show heifer prospect

Things you can count on from an Elkington bull

  • Depth and length the cattle have depths bred into them they have natural thickness that cant be imitated with fat

  • Longevity bulls are developed in large lots with a oat ration and long stemmed gras hay brought along slow to ensure the ability to be sound for many years

  • Fertility the cow herd is very fertile calving 87% in the first 30 days of calving if a cow is open, she is sold there is no free lunch

  • Pigment we started breeding for pigment from the start of our herd these cattle have more pigment than most cattle you will find

  • Bulls are raised as the commercial cattle operation does with BLM and rocky ground making up the cow pastures no irrigated pastures, they know how to ger out and find food

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