The Plan for Fertility, Longevity, And Whole Herd Health 

          We cull the cow herd on economic traits. We do not tolerate bad udders or cows that aren’t fertile. The heifers are expected to breed fast and calve before they are two years old. Fertility and longevity are two traits that will put dollars in a producer’s pocket for years and years. We are proud of the fact that we calve 87% of our entire herd in the first 30 days of calving and 95% by day 45. We do not have a fall calving herd and by spring, if the cow does not perform, she is sold. Out of 200 mother cows we have an active list of dams of distinction of 29 head. (Dam of Distinction must have a calving interval of less than 365 days and wean 3 calves in a row for a 105% or better of the contemporaries.) Our cows are just good sensible cattle. When the Hereford association released sustained cow fertility numbers our entire herd averages in the top 5% of the breed: meaning the cows breed back fast and they last well into their lives.  We will cull old cows at 13 years of age, and in 2019 we will have 10, 13-year-old cows, of which 7 of those are Dams of Distinction.   

        The dollar indexes on the EPD line of the registration paper tells the producer where the cattle will make them the most money. The Baldy maker Index numbers on the herd are in the top 5% of the entire breed. If you have Angus Cows, the bulls we raise will sire daughters that will have calves into their double-digit years and make more money for the producer.


          Herd health is not just about good genetics.  We strive to make the best of the genetics with a rigorous vaccination schedule that complements our environment. We feed loose mineral year round to help the cattle in the high desert environment, along with feeding minimal hay from December to June.


          Every March, we sell 50-year-old heifer calves, as commercial replacement heifers. These are very good calves, we just feel that the more rigorous your standards are the better the product is for our customers.  We sell 20 bred heifers in our February bull sale and retain 35 first calf heifers. We sell the old cows at the bottom of the herd every year before calving, keeping the herd strong with excellent genetics.  Along with culling the females, we castrate 20% of the bull crop to ensure good quality. Look over the Vaccination Protocol’s and add what you may need in your environment. We feel the bases are covered in our environment  ( Contact us for the opportunity to purchase these animals or Look under Private treaty sales on this site )




At Birth


Enforce 3 Nasal

Multi Min 90

Vitamin A


Branding  Calves


Bovi shield Gold one shot

Calvary 9 ( 8 way with Tetanus)


Pour on Tick medicine


At Branding cows

Preg guard 10

8 Way

Tick pour on


Spring sale bulls


Preg guard

8 Way

Mutiminn 90

Pour on for ticks


Spring heifers


2 shots of preg guard

Mutiminn 90

8 Way


AI bread with a MGA protocol


Weaning Preconditioning


8 Way

Pyramid 5 with one shot


Cleanup pour on


Sale bulls in the fall


Preg guard

8 Way

Clean up pour on


First calf heifers in fall


First shot of Scour guard (guardian)

8 way

Dectomax Injectable

Clean up pour on


Cow herd in fall winter


8 Way


Cleanup pour on

Guardian (scour vaccine)


All Cattle all year

A free choice loose mineral with the ingredients needed for feed conditions and nutritional requirements with free choice salt  

Vaccination Protocols

Herd Health  

Contact Elkington Polled Herefords & South Devons for more information  

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Eric Elkington .  .208-881-4014

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