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The supreme champion bull at the Eastern Idaho State Fair, Homozygous Polled LE ELKER HOMEGROWN 8Y 645F Calves by him available Spring 2021

Had a great week at the Eastern Idaho State Fair we won Supreme champion bull with LE Elker homegrown 8Y 645F and grand champion jr Hereford bull with him Reserve champion jr Hereford bull was Piper Elkington’s EPHR Elker hometown 647F. And we won a couple of other divisions with the heifers. So thankful for the hard work and time spent by The crew and family getting these animals to a place they can succeed

supreme champion Polled Hereford bull

2018-19 Bonneville County Cattle Association Lifetime Achievment award 

Keith was honored as the Lifetime Achievement Award winner at the Bonneville County Cattle Associations annual banquet. He is humbled and pleased that his fellow cattle people would honor him with this award .Keith could not have done it without his partner Brent and both Keith and Brents families. As his children we thought posting this video so our friends and costumers can see how Elkington Polled Herefords and South Devons have evolved to what we are today.

Hope you enjoy it as we have. 

Thank you  

Layne Elkington 

Welcome to Elkington Polled Herefords


Fellow Breeders:


We started in the Polled Hereford business in 1961 with an FFA project for me.( Keith) This small start grew from one or two bulls a year to what we now produce. We have always carried out a very rigid culling program. We cull on many things but our cows must be productive, heavy milkers, and trouble free. In addition, our cows must perform and continue to perform. We now run 200 moderate framed, good doing Polled Hereford cows and 40 South Devon cows.


We have always based our program on the range man and strive to produce the kind of cattle that will make him money. Our goal is to produce cattle that are reasonably sized at birth and grow rapidly. Performance testing has helped our customers and our program as well. We expect our cattle to be thick easy keeping cattle that will milk heavy, raise a big calf and survive winter, with minimal feed and expense, while breeding back and raising a good calf.  Our cattle are efficiency experts.  Our severe environment culls inefficient poor fleshing cattle.  We have worked for fifty years and believe that we have a cross section of cattle that you will like.  Elkington cattle will produce high performing calves and easy fleshing high producing cows that will work anywhere on less feed then they are accustomed to.  Our bulls live in harsh conditions and are developed on a high roughage ration.



In 1920 Grampa Elkington Willam Henry bought a homestead and 320 acres on squaw creek in Bone Idaho .The farm was a dry farm with emphasis on wheat from that small start we now farm 3500 acres of ground, Hay (feed for our cattle) Oats Barley and Wheat. The Cattle are run on the ground that is too rocky or steep for farming.


Our operation has always been a family operation, as it still is. Brent and I are still partners and Layne is now playing an important role in the operation.




                                                    Keith Elkington


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